Caledonia Potatoes Breeding Programme

Potato Breeding

Caledonia Potatoes Ltd brings new, modern varieties to the market. Varieties selected to meet the challenges of the future and the opportunities of today. Our short chain provenance from farm through to supplying seed and ware potatoes allows Caledonia Potatoes to offer the highest quality potatoes of all varieties, free and proprietary, to the marketplace. Caledonia Potatoes Ltd seeks to create relationships built on integrity and trust to promote long term prosperity through partnership.

The future of our company is based on successful varieties including established popular varieties such as Valor, Swift and Marvel through to recently released new varieties such as Caledonian Rose and Caledonian Pearl. The company recognises the importance of creating and developing new varieties to meet the changing challenges of modern markets in the UK and overseas.  Breeding and variety development is an important part of our company’s strategy for a sustainable future that meet the environmental standards required of new potato varieties.

Caledonia draws new parental germplasm and varieties from a number of sources, including the James Hutton Institute in Dundee who provide access to new developments, new resistant germplasm and to new technologies including molecular markers to help increase the quality and efficiency of our breeding programmes. Varieties, both established and new, are presented below.