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08 CP 99 B14

  • Attractive oval tubers
  • Fresh / retail markets in UK & Europe
  • High yields of light yellow flesh potatoes

08 CP 99 B14 is a 2E / Early main potato, outyielding many comparable varieties. It has very good tuber shape and size with shallow eyes, a bright skin and a very attractive light yellow flesh. It has a normal dry matter range of 17-19%.

Husbandry Guidelines

This information is intended to give growers a broad understanding of the variety and its growth requirements; it was last updated on October 2021 Please consult your own agronomist for the best practice on your farm and your end requirements.

Pre Planting

We recommend all seed should be removed from the packaging at the earliest possible opportunity and no later than 5 days after delivery. Seed should then be kept in a dry, well ventilated, cool and frost free environment. Seed management should set out to avoid apically dominant sprouts.

Planting and Growing

08 CP 99 B14 produces average to high tuber numbers per plant and as with comparable second early varieties medium spacing is recommended — spacing of 30-35 cm or thereby, depending on local conditions, which is around 30,000 per ha for 35/55mm seed. With normal spacing and appropriate nutrition very high yields of bold tubers are possible, The plant sets it’s tubers in a normal position around the mother seed so your standard planting depth is acceptable.

Harvest and Storage

08 CP 99 B14 stores well. To maintain a good skin-finish in store, try to keep the relative humidity low and minimise free moisture, especially during the curing period.