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  • High Saleable Yield
  • Bright attractive skin finish
  • Excellent shape and size uniformity

Bute has proven strengths in the white pre-pack market. It produces high yields of bold, uniform, bright tubers which are an ideal shape for prepacks. Bute is a reliable variety with good all round disease resistance. Several seasons of commercial production have proven Bute’s ability to keep its bloom and cooking quality after long term storage.

Husbandry Guidelines

This information is intended to give growers a broad understanding of the variety and its growth requirements. Please consult your own agronomist for the best practice on your farm and your market requirements.

Pre Planting

We recommend all seed should be removed from the packaging at the earliest possible opportunity and no later than 5 days after delivery. Seed should then be kept in a dry, well ventilated, frost free environment. Bute is an early maincrop and reaches its full yield potential after approximately 110 growing days. If an earlier harvest is required, consider moderate physiological ageing of the seed.

Planting and Growing

Early commercial results suggest a planting population of 25,600 tubers (10,400/acre) for a typical 35x55mm 650 tubers/50kg seed stock. 16” spacing on 36” rows (40 cm on 92 cm rows). The variety produces a uniform sample and is not easily prone to go oversize. Preliminary trials indicate Bute has low sensitivity to Metribuzin (Sencorex). In a high blight risk environment, ensure a robust blight protection programme is initiated promptly.

Harvest and Storage

To maintain a good skin-finish in store, try to keep the relative humidity low and minimise free moisture, especially during the curing period. Preliminary commercial production has shown that Bute is suitable for medium to long term storage.