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  • High yields of bold red oval tubers
  • Good all round Disease Resistance
  • Easy to Grow, Drought & Heat tolerant

Stemster produces high yields of bold, red skinned tubers with light yellow flesh and shows good drought and heat tolerance. It has resistance to PCN Ro1 and resistance to potato virus Yo. Good quality tubers suitable for boiling, baking and roasting.

Husbandry Guidelines

This information is intended to give growers a broad understanding of the variety and its growth requirements; it was last updated on Oct 2021. Please consult your own agronomist for the best practice on your farm and your end requirements.

Pre Planting

We recommend all seed should be removed from the packaging at the earliest possible opportunity and no later than 5 days after delivery. Seed should then be kept in a dry, well ventilated, frost free environment. If an earlier harvest is required, consider physiologically aging the seed.

Planting and Growing

Stemster is relatively easy to grow and performs well on most soil types. For a standard prepack/baker sample we suggest a planting population of 38,000 tubers/ha (15,400 acre) for a typical 35x55mm 650 tubers/50kg seed stock: 11” spacing on 36” rows (29 cm on 92cm rows) . It is an indeterminate variety and has a standard Nitrogen requirement.

Harvest and Storage

Stemster is suitable for long term storage.