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Sunrise is a good quality variety, producing a high yield of bold attractive tubers with good flavour. Sunrise has good resistance to drought and common scab, it also stores well. Sunrise has a medium to high dry matter and eats well boiled, mashed, roasted.

Husbandry Guidelines

This information is intended to give growers a broad understanding of the variety and its growth requirements. Please consult your own agronomist for the best practice on your farm and your market requirements.

Pre Planting

We recommend all seed should be removed from the packaging at the earliest possible opportunity and no later than 5 days after delivery. Seed should then be kept in a dry, well ventilated, frost free environment.

Planting and Growing

Early commercial results suggest a planting population of 38,000 tubers 3.2t/ha(15,300/acre 1.3t/acre) for a typical 35x55mm 625 tubers/50kg seed stock. The variety produces a bold sample and growers may wish to increase or reduce the planting density by 10% according to end market requirements. In a high blight risk environment, ensure a robust blight protection programme is initiated promptly.

Harvest and Storage

Sunrise can have a high dry matter and should be harvested with care to avoid to bruising. It has good resistance to silver scurf and is usually suitable to medium to long term storage.